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Music Outreach
Orchestrating Reconciliation
Purga Music History
Ipswich Thistle Pipe Band Centennial
Music Projects

Some examples of  music projects are described in this section.

Rural and Remote (2015)

 Music Outreach (2011-2015)

 Orchestrating Reconciliation (2010-2015)

Ipswich Thistle Pipe Band Centennial History (2008-2009)

  Purga Music History (2003-2005); and Study of contemporary music in rural Ipswich (2006-2007)

The music projects are discussed to demonstrate creative processes and theoretical reasoning for:
  • Critical reflection on practice
  • Place-based planning
  • Continuous improvement and transformation of practice
  • Implementing socio-ecological approaches 
  • Supporting and enabling cultural engagement and participation
The music projects are used as examples that show how local people can organise culturally engaged community music that relates to their music history, present performance culture, and future musical aspirations.

The practice frameworks are continually evolving so the articles explain some of the ways in which projects were personalised for particular people, communities and environments. They give practical insight into the phases of peoples' cultural engagement with community music and opportunities for musical development.

 Updated 16 November, 2016  
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